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In this challenge, you will compete in the Capstone Project Competition! You will design a Workcell that will sort all 36 randomly dispensed disks into their designated colored End Zones as quickly as possible. Sorting disks correctly will award points. Scoring disks incorrectly or inefficiently will result in a loss of points. Bonus points will be awarded depending on how disks are stacked in the End Zones, as well as how quickly. The winner of the Capstone Project is determined by who has the most points at the end of the run. Watch the video below to learn the process you can use to apply the information you have previously learned to the Capstone Project Competition!

Understanding the Rules

The Capstone Project Competition is completely autonomous. The goal is to code your Workcell to sort all 36 colored disks as quickly as possible, without error, to score points.

Read this document to analyze and interpret the rules for the competition. (Google / .docx / .pdf)

As you read the rules, think about how you can use them to develop a game strategy.

Note that the image to the left is just one possible example of a Workcell design. 

There are many strategies and build designs that you can use to compete successfully in the competition.

Lab 13 Build Layout

Check Your Understanding

Before moving on, ensure that you understand the rules and setup of the competition by answering the questions in the document below in your engineering notebook.

Check Your Understanding questions Google / .docx / .pdf

After completing the questions, check in with your teacher.

Applying the Engineering Design Process

Watch this video about the engineering design process to see how to walk through the steps to continue to develop and iterate on your Workcell design and construction for use in the Capstone Project Competition.

Open Engineering Design Process Poster