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Assembling your own custom length V5 Smart Cables provides a great deal of flexibility for the location of sensors and/or motors, plus allows for efficient cable management. When redesigning the layout of your Workcell, you may want to create custom cables to reach from the V5 Brain to any of the motors being used for conveyors, diverters, gates, or the arm on the system. In order to create custom smart cables, you will need to gather the materials in the table below.

Materials Required:
Quantity Materials Needed

V5 Smart Cable Crimping Tool


V5 Smart Cable Stock (will be cut to the desired length)


V5 Smart Cable Connectors


Marker (or other writing utensil)


Length of string (optional)


Printable VEX V5 Ruler (optional)

After gathering the materials, you can begin to create your own custom smart cables using the steps in the following video.

Watch this video to learn how to make your own custom smart cables.

Use this summary for reference (Google / .docx / .pdf).