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Coding Fundamentals
Unit Choice Board

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Choice Board Examples & Strategies

Use the Choice Board to allow students to display their voice and choice within their learning. The Choice Board can be used in multiple ways by the teacher to:

  • Engage students who finish early
  • Assess what students have learned at different points throughout the Unit
  • Extend the Unit or lesson
  • Allow students to display their learning in the Share section

The Choice Board is intended to provide content that can be added to the classroom’s existing Choice Board or to any bulletin board in the classroom.

The following is the Choice Board for this Unit:

Choice Board
Make Your Own Map
Create new map symbols for a 123 Tile, and work with a friend to create new sequence cards so your 123 Robot can try out different behaviors.
Sequence Stories
Retell a familiar story, with the same plot points in a new sequence. What happens when the order changes? Does the story end the same way? What is the new ending? Draw or write your new story, using a storyboard or a paper book.
Hi! I’m D. Bug!
Make your own debugging ‘mascot’, to remind you that you can be a problem solver! Your mascot will help you remember how to fix your program in a creative way.
Symbolic Pen Pals
Write a message to a friend in only symbols, and see if they can decode and read it. Then your friend can write a message back to you using symbols.
Behavior Bingo
Make a bingo card, where the spaces have a behavior steps that are part of a familiar routine, like getting ready for bed. Then play by having a "caller" name the steps in sequence to carry out that routine.
Sequence Songwriter
Write a song that explains all the steps for getting ready for school in the right order. Ask your teacher if you can perform your song!