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Coding Fundamentals
Unit Vocabulary

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Programming Language
A set of rules in which symbols represent actions.
Actions performed by a robot defined by the programming language.
Coder Cards
Physical cards that represent commands to be used in the Coder.
Instructions used to create behaviors that are executed by the robot.
A list of commands sequenced together in order for a robot to execute behaviors.
An error in the code that prevents a project from running as expected.
The order in which commands are executed, one after another.
Finding and fixing problems in a project.

Encouraging Vocabulary Usage

General notes on encouraging vocabulary usage with young children:

  • Remind students that as they try new vocabulary words that they may not be able to explain everything in detail the first time. Encourage failure and remind students that it is an important part in the learning process.
  • Students tend to pick up on vocabulary and language that they hear in their environment. During discussions and explanations, ensure to use vocabulary as much as possible.
A VEX 123 character

Tips for Encouraging Vocabulary Usage