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Pendulum Game
Lab 2 - Creating the Kerplunk Game

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Discussion Prompts


  • How did your design make the game more interesting or challenging?
  • What challenges did you have engineering and programming your game?
  • How did your directions change the original Kerplunk game?
  • How did your goals change the original Kerplunk game?
  • How did your objectives change the original Kerplunk game?


  • How did you use the pendulum as a tool in the game?
  • How do you see a company selling this game?
  • Could you think of a game slogan or a phrase that is catchy?
  • How could you use the pendulum in your daily life?
  • How do you think people would use the pendulum in real life beyond just a game?
  • Do you see any way the pendulum could be used?


  • How did you debug to solve challenges throughout the process?
  • How did teamwork help you solve creating a new game?
  • What challenges did your team face?
  • How did you debug those challenges?
  • What successes did your team have during experimenting with your new game?
  • What would you do differently next time with your team?