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IQ Clawbot with the Arm Raised
Clawbot IQ with its arm up and claw open

The Groove Machine Challenge

In this challenge, you will break up into teams and program your robot to go through a dance routine using your knowledge of loops. Your teacher will set a time limit for developing/testing the dance and a time limit for the length of the dance. Everyone not on the competing head-to-head dance-off teams will judge the dances and vote on the team that they think is best.


  • Each Clawbot will dance one-at-a-time within the 1x1 meter area.

  • The dancing continues until the Stop button on the Brain's screen is pressed to stop the project from running.

  • The arm must be raised and lowered.

  • The claw must open and close.

  • The Clawbot must turn left and right.

  • The Clawbot must drive forward and in reverse.

  • The project needs to be stopped immediately if the Clawbot collides with anything or falls over. That is a losing dance.

Bonus Challenge: Add sounds from the brain and colored lights from the Touch LED to make your dance routine better than the others.