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Answer the following questions in your engineering notebook as you design your project.

  • What type of robot dance will you create? Explain with details.

  • What types of loops will you use and why?

  • What steps will you follow to test the dance? Explain with details.

In order to help you plan, click here (Google / .docx / .pdf) for a few example dance moves that you might include in the Clawbot's dance.

Follow the steps below as you create your project:

  • Plan out the dance using drawings and pseudocode (Google / .docx / .pdf).

  • Use the pseudocode you created to develop your project using VEXcode IQ.

  • Run your project to test it often and iterate on it using what you learned from your testing.

  • Share your final project with your teacher.

If you're having trouble getting started, review the following in VEXcode IQ:

  • Example projects

open example menu

  • Using Loops tutorial

tutorial videos

  • Previous versions of your project

  • The Help feature to learn more about the blocks