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Testbed - VEX IQ Sensors

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Now that the build is finished, explore its design. Then answer the following questions in your engineering notebook:

  1. How many sensors are included in the Testbed and what are their names?

  2. Why are all of the sensors attached to the VEX IQ Brain?

  3. Why is the Gyro Sensor mounted on a 2X Pitch Standoff instead of directly on the Testbed?

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  1. Five types of sensors are part of this build: Gyro Sensor, Bumper Switch, Distance Sensor, Color Sensor, and Touch LED. There are two Touch LEDs and two Bumper Switches. There are also four Smart Motors.

  2. Sensors and Smart Motors are all powered by the VEX IQ Robot Battery. They also need to be able to communicate with the VEX IQ Brain. So each one is connected to its own port via Smart Cables. The brain's project can then use the data collected by the sensors to decide what to do next.

  3. The Gyro Sensor is mounted on a 2x Pitch Standoff so that it has the ability to rotate freely. If it was mounted directly to the Testbed, the entire Testbed would have to rotate to obtain a reading.