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The Vision Sensor allows your robot to collect visual data from a live feed. A live feed is a streaming transmission of what a video camera is capturing. The Vision Sensor is like a smart camera that can observe, select, adjust, and store colors and objects that appear in its visual field.

Vision Sensors
Vision Sensor 276-4850


  • This sensor can be used for recognizing colors and color patterns.

  • This sensor can be used to follow an object.

  • This sensor can be used to collect information about the environment.

The Vision Sensor allows the robot to use visual input data from its environment. The project can then determine how the visual input data should affect the robot's behavior. For example, the robot could perform actions (output) such as spinning motors or displaying results on the LCD screen.

The Vision Sensor can also capture a snapshot of what is in front of it and analyze it according to what the user is asking. For example, a user can gather data from the snapshot such as, what color is the object? Is there an object detected at all? How large is the object (width and height)?

The robot can then make decisions based off of this data. The partial example project below shows how this is done. In this first part of the example project, the robot will print "Blue Object Found" if a blue object is detected and "No Blue Object" otherwise. That is the first of three decisions within the example project but the second and third decisions are not shown here.

detect blue