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Strike Challenge

In this challenge, you will program your robot to transfer energy to a ball as you compete in bowling!

Challenge rules:

  • The robot must begin in the Robot Start Zone.

  • The ball must begin anywhere on the Ball Placement Line.

  • The robot can only be touching the ball when the ball is:

    • On the ball placement line

    • In the collision zone

  • Each game consists of 10 frames and follows standard bowling rules (Google / .docx / .pdf).

  • The person or team with the most points at the end of the 10 frames wins!

  • Have fun!

Teacher Tips icon Teacher Tips

Be creative and increase engagement by crafting a backstory or purpose for this activity! Bowling is currently being considered for addition as an Olympic sport. Are the students preparing to be part of an Olympic team, practicing for a national bowling competition, or are they hoping to apply for a collegiate bowling scholarship?

Click here (Google.pdf) for an optional Strike Challenge Score Sheet.

Teacher Toolbox icon Teacher Toolbox - Solution

Solutions will vary depending on the velocity set. Students will have to find the balance of choosing a higher velocity to push the ball harder but also not lose control.
View the sample solutions below: