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Teacher Toolbox icon Teacher Toolbox - Facilitating the Build

In this Seek section, groups will add the marker attachment and whiteboard to their Workcell build.

What the Teacher Will Do:

  • Tell students get into their groups with their assigned Workcells.
  • Instruct groups to follow the Build Instructions linked on this page.
  • As groups are building, circle the room and assist as needed.

Go to the V5 Workcell Educator Certification for additional suggestions on facilitating the build.

Materials Required:
Quantity Materials Needed
1 per group

V5 Workcell

1 per group

VEXcode V5

1 per group

Engineering Notebook

1 per group

Device to run VEXcode V5

1 per group

Micro-USB cable

1 per group

Seek Checklist (Google / .docx / .pdf)

Select the button below for the V5 Workcell Lab 4 Build Instructions.

Lab 4 Build

Build Instructions

Teacher Tips icon Teacher Tips

  • Use the open ended wrench to hold the nylock nut in place while screwing in the star drive screw.
  • If students are struggling to add the marker attachment to the tool plate, remove the mastering jig in order to extend the arm slightly. This will allow more room to add the marker attachment.

For more tips and guidance while building, go to the V5 Workcell Educator Certification.