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In this Rethink challenge, groups will draw additional points on the Workcell and create a VEXcode V5 project to compare linear and joint movement. 

What the Teacher Will Do:

  • As a whole class, introduce the challenge to students. Explain that they will need to choose new points on the Workcell and create a project that moves to each using linear and joint movement.
  • Break students into their groups. Ensure they have their assigned Workcell, their device with VEXcode V5, and their engineering notebooks.
  • Instruct groups to follow the steps on this page to complete the challenge.
  • While groups are completing the challenge, circle the room.
    • Ask students about how they are approaching the challenge. What blocks are they using to create their project? How did they choose their three points?
    • For groups that are struggling, encourage them to look back at the Play section for specific steps on how to create the project.
  • After groups have completed the challenge, bring students back together for a whole-class discussion. Ask students some of these questions to wrap up the challenge. 
    • What points did your group choose? Why?
    • How does your project compare to another group's project?
    • What did your group find difficult about this challenge?
    • How did your group work together to solve the challenge? What could you do to improve your collaboration in the next Lab?
  • Use the Collaboration and Programming Rubrics to provide students with feedback and assess their projects throughout the Rethink challenge.

For more information on how to facilitate the Rethink challenge, go to the V5 Workcell Educator Certification.

Previously in this Lab you have explored joint and linear movement. In this challenge, you will continue to compare the two types of movement by drawing more points on the whiteboard using the V5 Workcell.

lab 4 challenge setup

Follow these steps to complete the challenge:

  • Use the 'Manual Movement' example project to find the location of three new points on the Workcell. Record all three (x, y, z) values in your engineering notebook.
    • Follow the steps on the Movement Example page in the Play section to create and download this project. 
  • Create a project in VEXcode V5 to move the arm mounted on the Workcell to all three points using linear motion.
    • Note that this is the same as the Play activity, just adding an additional point. 
    • Ensure that your project has the arm mounted on the Workcell drawing the points in the correct order. The arm mounted on the Workcell should draw from point 1 on the right side of the Brain, then to the center point, and finally to the third point to the left of the Brain.
    • For the safety of users and the Workcell, the dry-erase marker must remain over the whiteboard at all times. 
  • Run the project on the Workcell. 
  • Do not erase the whiteboard. This will be used to compare the two types of motion.
  • Now, detach the blocks used for linear movement from the stack, and add [Joint move] blocks to the stack to connect the points 1 and 2 using joint motion.
  • Run the project to view the arm mounted on the Workcell connect points 1 and 2 using joint motion.
  • Erase the whiteboard.
  • Combine the [Joint move] and [Linear move] blocks together to create one fluid project with both movements. This will be used to compare the two types of motion.
  • Run the combined project to view the arm mounted on the Workcell’s linear and joint movements.

Teacher Tips icon Teacher Tips

  • Ensure students have their mastering values readily available from the Seek section.
  • Encourage students to follow the steps in the Play section if they need assistance in building the project.
  • Ensure students have the [Set tool] block set to ‘marker.’

Set marker block in vexcode

  • After both projects have been run, have students sketch the finished look of the whiteboard in their engineering notebooks and label each type of motion. 

Teacher Toolbox icon Teacher Toolbox

This is a possible solution to the challenge. Note that the solution will change depending on the location of the points chosen by students.

Lab 4 rethink possible solution