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Role Play Robot
Unit Alternate Coding Methods

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Adapt this Unit to Use an Alternate Coding Method

This STEM Lab Unit is written for use with the Coder and Coder cards.  However, you can adapt the Labs in this Unit to use VEXcode 123 for the coding activities. This flexibility can help you meet the individual needs of your students. For example, if your students are familiar with VEXcode 123, they can complete all the coding activities with VEXcode 123. The Summary section of each Lab contains additional information that can help you modify the individual Lab. For more information on how to work with VEXcode 123, see the VEXcode 123 Section of the VEX Library.

VEXcode 123 Adaptation

  • Students can use the [Act] block to have their 123 Robot act-out an emotion. The [Act] block has the 123 Robot perform a sequence of behaviors to show sad, happy, or crazy. Select the desired emotion from the drop-down menu in the block.

image of the Act block with the drop down menu displayed showing the following options: happy, sad, crazy
[Act] Block 

  • Students can use Sound and Drivetrain blocks together to create their emotion code project in Play Part 2 of Lab 1. 

Image of a possible solution for the Lab 1 project to create emotion code
Possible Solution for Lab 1 'Act Angry' Emotion Code Project

  • In Lab 2, students will create additional emotion code projects that express how a character from a story prompt might feel. Students may want to use Looks blocks, in addition to Sound and Drivetrain blocks. Here is an example of an emotion code project for 'Act Excited' for Lab 2:

Image of possible solution for Lab 2 activity- get excited emotion code
Possible Solution for Lab 2 'Act Excited' Emotion Code Project