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Castle Crasher
Lesson 2: Castle Crasher No Sensors


In the Learn section, you learned about path planning and coding a drivetrain, including adjusting velocity and measuring angles for turns. Now, you are going to apply what you have learned to code your BaseBot to complete the Super Sweeper practice activity.

In this activity, you will code your robot to push both Buckyballs completely off the Field. You will iterate on your project, so your robot can sweep the Field and remove the Buckyballs. Watch the video below to see how you can apply what you have learned to complete the Super Sweeper practice activity.

Now it is your turn to complete the Super Sweeper practice activity!

This animation shows one possible way your robot could move to complete the Super Sweeper practice activity to push both Buckyballs off the Field.

Use this document as a reference to complete the practice activity.

As you complete the Super Sweeper practice activity, document your robot path and test results in your engineering notebook.

  • Describe and illustrate the path for your robot.
  • How far will your robot need to turn to face the first Buckyball? The second? What measurements did you need to take?
  • What is the first thing that you changed in your project? Why?

See the image on the left for an example of how you can record your design ideas and tests.

image of engineering notebook example

Prepare for the Challenge

In Compete (on the next page), you will code your robot to push five Buckyballs off the Field in the Buckyball Blitz challenge. The fastest time, wins!  Learn how to compete in the challenge, check your understanding, then practice for the challenge.

The goal of this challenge is to push five Buckyballs off the Field in the fastest time.

Watch this animation to see an example of a BaseBot pushing all five Buckyballs off the Field.  

Follow the steps in this document to learn more about how to complete this challenge.

Check your Understanding

Before beginning the challenge, ensure that you understand the rules and setup of the challenge by answering the questions in the document below in your engineering notebook.

Check Your Understanding questions >

After completing the questions, try practicing the challenge.

Select Next > to compete in the Buckyball Blitz challenge.