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Lab 1 - Fractions

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Discussion Prompts


  • What does the numerator and denominator of a fraction tell you?
  • Can you explain how your group figured out which fractions were equal and which were not equal?
  • What patterns do you notice about the size of the VEX GO pieces and the denominator of the fractions?


  • What are some “rules” we can say about how fractions work, based on what we did in this lab?
  • Can we predict what another equivalent fraction would be, using what we did in this lab?
    • ½ = 2/4 = 4/8 = A/B
  • What if you knew just the fractions, how could you figure out if they were equivalent or not?


  • If someone in your group is having trouble understanding the fractions in the lab, what are some ways that the rest of the group can help that person?
  • Did your group take turns in this lab well? If not, what would make it better next time? If yes, what made it work so well?