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Mars Rover-Exploring Mars Geology
Unit Overview

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3+ (Ages 8+)


40 minutes per lab

Unit Essential Question(s)

  • How do I solve a challenge with the Code Base and VEXcode GO?

Unit Understandings

The following concepts will be covered throughout this Unit:

  • How to use sensors in VEXcode GO.
  • How to create a plan that correctly orders behaviors in a sequence to solve a challenge. This can be done both individually and collaboratively.
  • How to communicate behaviors, through words and gestures, that the Code Base will need to execute in order to accomplish a task.
  • How to use a conditional in a VEXcode GO project to have the Code Base make decisions based on sensor data.
  • How using My Blocks in a VEXcode GO project can make it easier to build more efficient projects that are easier to work with by avoiding repetition of commands.
  • How using My Blocks makes it easier to build projects by reusing portions of code that repeat in a project.

Lab Summary

Click on the following tabs for a summary of what the students will do and learn in each lab.

Unit Standards

Unit Standards will be addressed in every Lab within the Unit.