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Castle Crasher
Lesson 1: Introduction


In this Unit, you will learn how to play Castle Crasher with your BaseBot! Castle Crasher is a timed trial competition, where your robot will move autonomously to push all of the cubes off of the Field in the fastest time. You will learn ways to make your code more efficient throughout the Unit. Watch the animation below to see an example of how a robot could autonomously move during a successful run in the Castle Crasher competition.

Video file

In the Castle Crasher competition, your robot will race against the clock to push all of the cubes off of the Field as fast as possible!

  • The robot that successfully removes all the cubes from the Field the fastest, wins!
  • The match has a time limit of two minutes.
  • If you do not remove all of the cubes within two minutes, your score will be the number of cubes you successfully cleared from the Field.

What is an Engineering Notebook?

Watch this video below to learn about what an engineering notebook is and why you should use an engineering notebook.

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