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Answer the following questions in your engineering notebook as you design your project.

  1. What type of robot dance will you create? Explain with details.

  2. What types of loops will you use and why?

  3. What steps will you follow to test the dance? Explain with details.

In order to help you plan, click one of the following links for a few example dance moves that you might include in the Clawbot's dance (Google Doc / .docx / .pdf).

Follow the steps below as you create your project:

  1. Plan out the dance using drawings and pseudocode (Google Doc / .docx / .pdf).

  2. Use the pseudocode you created to develop your project using VEXcode V5.

  3. Open the Clawbot Template (Drivetrain 2-motor, No Gyro) example project.Image of the Clawbot template icon

  4. Name the project GrooveMachine and select Save.Image of the project title rename

  5. Run your project to test it often and iterate on it using what you learned from your testing.

  6. Share your final project with your teacher.


If you're having trouble getting started, review the following in VEXcode V5:

  • Example projects Image of the file menu open in VEXcode V5 with Open Examples highlighted
  • To access additional information while creating a program, right click on the question mark next to the instruction in your work space to see additional information about it. Image of the built in Help in VEXcode V5 open for a command
  • Review previous versions of your RepeatingActions project to assist with creating your new project.