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Image of VEX Workcell Rubric

Rubrics can be used to support both formative assessment —where feedback is the goal, and summative assessment —for evaluating work to assign a grade to each level of criteria. When using a rubric, review it with students before they begin an activity such as building in the Seek section, or completing a task in the Play or Rethink sections of the Lab. This enables the students to know the criteria on which their work will be evaluated, and ask relevant questions ahead of time.

Using the same rubric for both formative and summative assessment enables students to act on the feedback they are given, and improve their performance so that their summative assessment reflects a culmination of their effort.

The following V5 rubrics are included in one document:

  • Build Rubric
  • Collaboration Rubric
  • Engineering Notebook Rubrics (both individual and as a team)
  • Programming Rubric
  • Pseudocode Rubric


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