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Learning Sequence

VEX V5 Workcell STEM Labs follow a sequence of learning experiences. The learner is asked to do the following:

  • Create a build.
  • Experiment with the build.
  • Make real world connections to applications in Industrial Robotics and Engineering.
  • Extend the learning with an additional challenge.
  • Assess knowledge.
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1. Seek
Each Workcell STEM Lab begins with instructions for creating a working build. Learners should be given ample time to follow the step-by-step instructions for creating the build whether individually or in small groups. The amount of time allotted to this portion of the STEM Lab can vary depending on whether time permits and whether all groups of learners are proceeding at the same rate.
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2. Play
The Play section within a STEM Lab will have one or more activities in which students will be given an opportunity to perform different tasks with their V5 Robotic Workcell. Some Labs will have a brief reading that provides a context for the concepts or skills within the activity.
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3. Apply
In this section, students investigate real world applications of Industrial Robotics and Engineering through readings and discussion.
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4. Rethink
After learning about the concepts within the build and real world applications, learners are given the opportunity to explore further with their build through an activity. Students will apply what they learned in the Play section using their V5 Robotic Workcell. Rethink challenges offer opportunities for students to extend and apply their knowledge with a new challenge. The amount of time allotted to this portion of the STEM Lab can vary depending on the scope of the challenge.
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5. Know
At the end of the Workcell STEM Lab, learners are asked questions about the concepts taught throughout the Lab. The Know questions can be used as formative or formal assessment. Answers are provided in the STEM Lab Preview page.