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Total approximate time to complete this Lab is 1 week. This time estimate is based on 3-4 hours of class time per week. Time needed to complete the Lab can vary depending on your educational environment.

The pacing guide for each STEM Lab provides step-by-step instructions on What, How, and When to teach. STEM Lab pacing guides preview the concepts that are taught in each section (Seek, Play, Apply, Rethink, Know) of the STEM Lab, relates the resources that teachers can use to teach those concepts, and identifies all of the materials that are needed.

The individual STEM Lab pacing guide contains valuable information below:

  • Section - Identifies the section of the SPARK sequence.
  • Page(s) - Lists the page titles included in that section of the SPARK sequence.
  • Concepts - Lists the themes that surround the STEM Lab.
  • Materials Needed - Lists the materials that are essential to completing the STEM lab.
  • Resources - Provides the linked content and resources needed by the teacher to complete the lessons and activities.