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Finding Help

VEX Robotics offers support documentation mostly in the form of "How to" articles to help new users get quickly up and running and to help more experienced users find timely and targeted answers to their questions. The articles are particularly helpful when running STEM Labs. If you find yourself uncertain of how to do something, the VEX Library likely has an article to help you with it.

The link to the VEX V5 Workcell section of the VEX Library is On the landing page, click on the large VEX V5 Workcell button to see only that portion of the VEX Library.

The search bar can be used to find specific articles from the entire database.

For example, you or a student might have questions about how to update firmware. To search for all articles related to this topic, use the search terms "updating firmware." This search returns any article related to updating firmware.

Articles are continuously added to the database. Topics range from installing hardware to installing programming software, and from navigating the VEX V5 Robot Brain to reading indicator lights. There are also troubleshooting articles ranging from fixing displayed error messages to troubleshooting VEX Smart Motors.

Links to VEX Library articles are also provided within the text of this STEM Lab. For example, if the reader is asked to "Download and Run the Project," in VEXcode V5, the first time the word "Download" is written it is likely linked to the VEX Library article "How to Download and Run - Blocks Tutorials - V5."

The best times to use the VEX Library are when:

  • You are planning a STEM Lab or preparing a learning environment.
  • Students are independently investigating and solving their own problems related to hardware, software, or programming.
  • You and your students are troubleshooting together.