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Teacher Toolbox icon Teacher Toolbox - Before the Build

What the Teacher Will Do:

  • As a whole class, ensure groups have VEXcode V5 downloaded on their device.
    • To download VEXcode V5, navigate to the download page. VEXcode V5 is available for the following devices. Select your device to download and install the software.
      VEXcode V5
    • For more information on how to install VEXcode V5, view the VEXcode V5 install articles from the VEX Robotics Knowledge Base.
  • Once all groups have VEXcode V5 on their device, break students off to work within their groups to complete the steps on this page. Tell groups to check in with you once they have completed all steps.
  • While groups are working, circle the classroom and answer any questions that may arise. 
  1. Before you begin building, you first need to charge the V5 Battery and attached it to the V5 Brain. View the following articles for more information.
  2. Next, ensure you can access VEXcode V5 on your device. During the building process, you will use an example project within VEXcode V5. If you do not have access to VEXcode V5 on your device, contact your teacher in order to navigate to this page to access VEXcode V5.

Once you have access to VEXcode V5 on your device, you now should check if your V5 Brain has up to date firmware. This is important to ensure that you can successfully use the example project within VEXcode V5 during the building process. First, launch VEXcode V5.

VEXcode V5 application

Power on the V5 Brain.

Power on V5 Brain

If the Brain icon color on the VEXcode V5 menu bar is green, the firmware is up to date.

green brain icon

If the Brain icon color on the VEXcode V5 menu bar is orange, you will need to update your firmware by following the steps in this video. 

For additional information on firmware, view this article from the Knowledge Base.