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The Seek section of the STEM Lab tasks students with building the VEX V5 Workcell needed for the rest of the Lab. Provided is a list of steps that should be done in order when building the V5 Workcell.

  1. Ensure students have begun charging the V5 Battery and attached it to the V5 Brain. View the following articles for more information:
  2. Ensure students can access VEXcode V5 on their device. If students do not have access to VEXcode V5 on their device, navigate to this page in order to access VEXcode V5.
  3. Students should have checked if their V5 Brain has up to date firmware. If the firmware is not up to date, view this article for more information on how to update it.
  4. Once students have done steps 1-3, they are ready to begin building. A link to the PDF Build Instructions for Lab 1 are found on the 'Build Instructions' page in the Seek section. Students should build up until they assemble the base of the arm, attach it to the Workcell, and connect all motors and potentiometers to the V5 Brain.
  5. At step 36, students should connect the V5 Brain to their device running VEXcode V5. Once connected, students should open the 'Arm Install' example project. This step is also covered in the build instructions. For more information on opening an example project in VEXcode V5, view this article from the Knowledge Base. 
  6. Once the 'Arm Install' example project has been opened, download and run the project to the V5 Brain. This will ensure that all of the potentiometers on the Workcell are within mastering range. This step is also covered in the build instructions.
  7. Once all of the potentiometers are in passing range, complete the final steps of the Build Instructions.