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Drive Forward and Reverse

The Programmer should complete the following steps:

  • Open the File menu.

  • Select Open Examples.

  • Select and open the Autopilot (Drivetrain) Template.

  • Name your project Drive Remix.

  • Save your project.

Let’s get moving!

Activity A: Move 10 Inches!

  • Programmer, use the [Drive for] block to program Autopilot to move forward 10 inches.

  • Download the project.

  • Operator, run the project on Autopilot.

  • Does the robot move forward 10 inches?

Bonus Challenge: Add a sound after Autopilot moves 10 inches! In the engineering notebook, the Recorder can write down what block the group thinks would allow the robot to perform this action.

Activity B: More fun with the [Drive for]  block!

Here are some more challenges:

  • Drive in reverse 20 inches.

  • Drive forward 100 millimeters.

  • Drive in reverse 150 millimeters.

Bonus Challenge: Program Autopilot to move forward 10 inches and then backwards 5 inches.