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  1. What values can a Boolean variable store in VEXcode V5?
    True or false values.
  2. Which of the following is the best description of the Disk Feeder?
    A device that allows multiple disks to be dispensed onto the Workcell in an autonomous fashion.
  3. Which block in VEXcode V5 runs the 'if' branch when the condition reports 'true,' and runs the 'else' branch when the condition reports 'false?'
    [If then else] block.
  4. In this example, why does the greenAccepted Boolean variable need to be set to ‘false’ after the first green disk has been accepted?
    To ensure that any additional green disks are rejected and diverted off of the exit conveyor.
  5. Based on how the green disk traveled in this image, what value did the greenAccepted Boolean variable report?
    The variable reported 'false.'