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Testbed Using Distance
Testbed build with hand over the Distance Sensor

The Sense It Challenge

The Sense It Challenge tests your ability to quickly and accurately use the Sensors and Smart Motors on the Testbed build. The brain will display a sensor or motor and its port. It's your challenge to press, activate, or spin the correct sensor or motor as quickly as possible so that you can earn a point and continue to earn more points within the two-minute time limit. Every student will play the game, earn a score, and compete to make their team the winning team.

In order to compete in the challenge you'll need:

  • Completed Testbed build

  • Sense It Challenge example project from VEXcode IQ 

  • Pencils and paper to record scores

The Rules

  • One person competes on the Testbed at a time. The person must run the Sense It Challenge project to start the challenge for her/himself.

  • All sensors and motors must be connected to the correct ports in order for the Sense It Challenge to work properly.

  • Each player has a total of two minutes to activate as many correct sensors and motors as possible.

  • Each correct response earns you one point and the game will track your score.

  • The player's final score should be witnessed by an adult or a player from another team before it is recorded.

  • Have fun!


  1. Make sure the Sense It Challenge example project is downloaded to the VEX IQ Testbed.

  2. Decide the order that your team members will play in.

  3. The player stands at the front of the Testbed, looks at the upright brain, and runs the Sense It Challenge. The game will start and you'll receive your first instruction.

  4. The player continues until the game ends at the two-minute time limit.

  5. When the game ends, the player has a witness look at her/his score and then writes down the Final Score.

  6. The next player then plays the Sense It Challenge until everyone on the team has had a turn.

  7. Final scores are added together as the Team Score and a winning team is declared!

The images below show what the screen will look like. Below the name of the project, you will see your instruction. The first one below shows the Smart Motor connected to Port 1. Below that you can see your Score and the Time remaining. Those two values update after you correctly respond.

Here is a table showing the brain's screen and how to respond to each of the ten possible instructions:


You should...

Spin the Smart Motor connected to Port 1.

Press the Touch LED connected to Port 2.

Turn the Gyro Sensor in Port 4.

Press the Bumper Switch in Port 5.

Spin the Smart Motor in Port 6.

Move your hand closely in front of the Distance Sensor in Port 7.

Press the Bumper Switch in Port 8.

Press the Touch LED in Port 9.

Spin the Smart Motor in Port 10.

Spin the Smart Motor in Port 11.