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Before you begin your project, select the correct example project. The Clawbot Control example project contains the Clawbot motors and sensors configuration. If the template is not used, your robot will not run the project correctly.

  • Go to the file menu, Open Examples, then select the Clawbot Control example project.

  • Save the project.

  • Check to make sure the project name Clawbot Control is now in the window in the center of the toolbar. The Clawbot is now properly configured, and the Clawbot Control project is ready for use.

Now, take a look at how the blocks are being used in this project. In your engineering notebooks, make the following predictions:

  1. What’s happening when you run this project? What will the Clawbot be able to do?

  2. What would happen if we didn’t use the <Not> block in this project?