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Refine Your Code

Remember your code from the Play section? We’re going to play around with that code now, to help refine and revise it to better accomplish your goal. This Rethink activity has 3 options:

  • A Sequencing Challenge—to help you think about the code you created, how it works, and why it might not work.

  • Coding Challenge—to help you practice creating coding sequences that work around additional obstacles.

  • An Efficiency Challenge—to help you rethink your code and rewrite it to work with fewer blocks.

After your teacher tells your group which challenge to start with, proceed to the next page and follow the steps for that challenge.

For all challenges, the Builder in each group should get the hardware required. The Recorder should get the group’s engineering notebook. The Programmer should open VEXcode IQ.

Materials Required:
Quantity Materials Needed

Charged Robot Battery


VEXcode IQ


Engineering Notebook


USB Cable (if using a computer)


1x1 Connector Pin

Before you begin the activity...

Before you begin the activity, do you have each of these items ready? The Builder should check each of the following:

  • Are all the motors and sensors plugged into the correct port?

  • Are the smart cables fully inserted into all of the motors and sensors?

  • Is the Brain turned on?

  • Is the battery charged?