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Role Play Robot
Lab 1 - Act Happy

Teacher Portal

Show Your Learning

Active Share

Have students share the emotion they coded, by showing their Coder with the Coder cards in it to the class. Then, explain what the 123 Robot is going to do, and why they chose those behaviors. Have the group start their projects to share their emotion code with the class.

  • To highlight that different people can express the same feelings in different ways - ask students to compare and contrast their own expressions of feelings with those of the 123 Robot.

Discussion Prompts

Digital Documentation

  • Take short videos of each group’s 123 Robot performing their emotion code. Put these together to create a video version of a feelings wall.

Student-Driven Visible Thinking

  • Take photos of students' emotion codes in the Coder, or have students write or draw their codes, and title them with the emotion they express. Save them for use in Lab 2, and add them to your 123 Learning Center to encourage students to revisit these codes over time.

Metacognition-Reflecting Together

  • How did sound and color help your 123 Robot to act out a feeling?
  • How can you use the same behavior Coder card in different emotion codes?
  • What are some ways that you show emotions that your 123 Robot cannot do?
  • What are some other emotions that you could code the 123 Robot to act out? What behaviors would you include in your code?