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Lesson 2: Opening an Example and Running Your First Project

Example Project


Now it is time to get started with VEXcode VR and a VR Robot. With VEXcode VR, you can program a VR Robot to do many things. This lesson will use tutorial videos to show you how to get started programming with VEXcode VR.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify how to open an example project.
  • Identify how to load, rename, and save a project.
  • Identify how to move, remove, and delete blocks.

Begin by watching the Getting Started Tutorial video:


The Getting Started tutorial video will show you how to add blocks, how to open an example project, and how to save a project. To learn more about moving and removing VEXcode VR blocks, watch the following tutorial video:


In VEXcode VR, all projects begin with a default name of “VEXcode Project”. Watch the following tutorial video to see how to rename and save a project: