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Connection to VEX GO

Applying VEX GO

Inherited traits and trait variation can be an abstract concept to young students. By using the VEX GO Kit to build bunnies, students can create physical models of these concepts. The VEX GO builds help students draw immediate connections from the concept of traits to real life. This hands-on exploration of science concepts creates a memorable learning experience, and allows students to combine their imagination and creativity with spatial reasoning skills as they design and build their own baby bunny.

In this Unit, students will explore how traits are passed from parents to offspring. As students build the two parent bunnies using the variations in the Bunny Traits build instructions, they will record descriptions of the traits they are building. Describing and differentiating traits will help students conceptualize what traits are, and recording traits helps them practice important science skills. By creating a baby bunny by choosing traits, students will model how traits are inherited. While the Data Collection Sheet used in Lab 1 for the students to record traits helps keep them organized and make choices for their baby bunny, a physical representation of inherited traits brings this concept to life in an authentic learning experience.

This Look Alike Unit also allows students to practice spatial reasoning skills. As students build the Bunny Traits Build in Lab 1, they will see how the orientation of the pieces creates the familiar shape of a bunny. Students can be asked, “How did you attach your bunny ear? Did it go on the top or on the side?” When students work on the variations of the build, they will see how changing pieces changes the final outcome. Ask students, “How did using this different piece change the way your bunny looks?”