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Cube Collector
Lesson 6: Conclusion

Career Connections

The following careers use skills and concepts that you practiced in this Unit. Choose one of these careers and complete an activity from the Choice Board.

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Pilot

The ROV is a submersible craft that is used in various industries, from search and salvage, to oil and gas, to scientific exploration. ROV pilots remotely navigate the craft, and work with teams to triangulate the location of targets and accomplish mission goals. ROV pilots can work in civil engineering fields, the defense industry, environmental sciences, marine archaeology, oil and gas industries, academic scientific endeavors, and more. As an ROV pilot, you can do things like perform data collection to monitor invasive species for scientific endeavors.

ROV pilots have to be versatile because the goals and environmental conditions for each mission are different. ROV pilots have to adjust for things like water temperature, density, and salinity, requiring them to continually revise and refine their remote driving strategy that includes both autonomous and driver controlled behaviors. Like an ROV pilot, in this Unit you worked with a team to develop strategies and accomplish challenge goals. You had to be versatile as you crafted different strategies for driver control and autonomous driving that included customizing how you used the Controller in order to be a more effective driver in the Cube Collector competition and activities.

Image of an ROV underwater

Test Engineer - Autonomous Vehicles

A Test Engineer for autonomous vehicles designs and implements testing procedures and performs testing activities on autonomous vehicles in a lab setting, and in on-road vehicle environments. Test Engineers work with teams of engineers, technicians, and customers to test and monitor operations of highly automated vehicles including self-driving cars, underwater search and rescue robots, and autonomous agricultural robots performing field work. Testing Engineers develop tools and processes for testing, and document each phase of their process so that their team can make informed decisions as they develop the capabilities for autonomous vehicles.

Like a Test Engineer, you worked with a team to iterate on and refine your game strategy that included autonomous movement. You tested and iterated on your code to improve the ability of your robot to complete challenges in  Cube Collector. By documenting your observations and test results in your engineering notebook, you were able to analyze the data to make informed decisions as you improved your robot's performance. Just like Test Engineers, you collected and analyzed data to improve the performance of your robot to drive autonomously.

image of a test engineer working at a computer

Can you find another career that uses skills and big ideas from this Unit?

Talk to your teacher to see if you can complete a Choice Board activity for your chosen career.

Choose an Activity

After you have chosen the career that most interests you, choose one of the activities from below to deepen your understanding.

Social Media Story

Create a social media story about your chosen career. You can draw it, or use an online template. Include 5 images and captions that someone with that career would share during the course of a typical work day.

3-2-1 Summary

Read an article about your chosen career, and write a 3-2-1 Summary for it by recording three things you learned from your reading, two things you found interesting and would like to learn more about, and one question you still have.

Unbox your Career!

Pretend you are an expert in your chosen career, and you have received a box of 3 important tools for your job. Make an unboxing video about the tools in the box, explaining the significance of each one, and why it is necessary for your career. Get creative with the outside of the box, and making the tools. Imagine your audience knows nothing about your career, and be sure to explain it clearly at the beginning of your video! 


Podcast Reflection

Find and listen to a podcast that relates to your chosen field. Write a reflection on the podcast, including what you learned about the career, ideas it gave you, questions that it generated for you, or other related thoughts. Share it with a friend.

Professional Profile

Imagine you are a professional in the career you have chosen, and research to find out more about the kinds of education and qualifications necessary for that career.  Create an imaginary online professional social media profile such as those used for networking and job searching. Include your job title, the company you work for, your years of experience, degree(s) and at least 4 skills or strengths that you bring to the job.


Highest Honors

What is the highest honor given to someone in your chosen career? Research to find out what the award(s) are, and then read about someone who has achieved that award. Find out 5 pieces of information about that person, such as what their most important accomplishments are, who mentored them, what kinds of challenges they have had to overcome, what their educational background is, and what other goals they have. Write a biographical paragraph with this information. 

Once you have completed your choice board activity, check in with your teacher.

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