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Debrief Conversation

Now that you have completed all the activities in the rest of the Cube Collector Unit, it is time to reflect on your experience. In this section, you will be looking back and what you and your group has done during the Unit, and discussing it during a debrief conversation. 

Self Reflection

First, answer the following questions in your engineering notebook.

  1. What made your group successful in the Cube Collector competition? How did you work together to create a strategy using both the driver control and autonomous runs to maximize your score in the competition?
  2. How did using the engineering design process improve your robot's ability to stack and score cubes over the course of the Unit? 
  3. What was one iteration (of your code, driver control, or overall strategy) that made the biggest impact on your team's success in the competition? Explain what you learned from that experience.
  4. How did your group use the data collected during Lesson activities and challenges to inform your Cube Collector competition strategy? Explain at least two strategy choices (one for driver control and one for autonomous) and how they used data you collected.

Then, reflect on the learning targets you co-created with your teacher for this Unit. Have you learned what you set out to learn? Why? If not, what more would you need to learn about or do in order to reach that target? What were you most successful with, and why? How do you think you can build on your progress moving forward? 

Once your group has completed their self-reflections, check-in with your teacher and let them know you are ready for your debrief conversation.

Debrief Conversation

Using the answers to your questions in your engineering notebook, rate yourself on the Debrief Conversation Rubric (Google Doc/.docx/.pdf) linked here. For each of the topics, rate yourself as an Expert, Apprentice, or Novice.

Ask your teacher if you need any clarification on what is expected of you during this self-assessment.

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