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Vision Sensor Teacher

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Now that you've finished the build, test what it does. Explore your build and then answer these questions in your engineering notebook.

Think about the placement of the Vision Sensor on the Clawbot:

  • Why is the placement an important factor for this build?

    • What would happen if the Vision Sensor was on the back of the Clawbot?

    • What if the Vision Sensor was on the Arm?

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Answers should include that if the Vision Sensor is being used to determine how the robot moves, where the Vision Sensor is placed is important. If the Vision Sensor is mounted flat facing up, it will only be able to detect objects that are technically on top of it. Thus, if the robot were to be programmed to move based on objects in front of it, it would not be able to see them.

  • If the Vision Sensor was on the back of the Clawbot, the robot may have to drive in reverse if it is programmed to drive toward a detected object.

  • If the Vision Sensor was placed on the arm, the range that the Vision Sensor would be able to see would change as the Arm moved up and down. Having the Vision Sensor on the Arm also poses a risk of the Smart Cable not being long enough and straining under tension as the Arm moves.