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Actions performed by a robot, defined by the programming language.
Instructions used to create behaviors that are executed by the robot. 
The order in which Coder Cards are executed one after the other. The order of the Coder Cards is the order in which the 123 Robot will perform the actions.
Wait 4 seconds
Makes the 123 Robot wait 4 seconds before moving on to the next Coder card in the project.
Glow Blue
Makes the indicator light in the center of the 123 Robot glow blue.
Glow off
Makes the indicator light in the center of the 123 Robot not glow a color.
Turn Around
Makes the 123 Robot turn 180 degrees to the right from its starting position.
A state of being full of energy and enthusiasm.
A state of being upset because of being unable to do or complete something.
A state of being peaceful.

Encouraging Vocabulary Usage

General notes on encouraging vocabulary usage with young children:

  • The goal of introducing new vocabulary to young children, is to have them begin to incorporate new words naturally into their conversations and explorations; not to simply memorize vocabulary. Reinforce vocabulary throughout daily activities. Look for opportunities to have emotion check-ins during the day such as at the beginning of an activity or when wrapping up. Use varied and complex feeling words to help students develop powerful feeling vocabularies.
A VEX 123 character

Tips for Encouraging Vocabulary Usage