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Connection to VEX 123

Applying VEX 123

The 123 Robot is great for young learners, ready to explore a variety of concepts throughout all subject areas. In this Unit, students will use the 123 Robot as a tool to help solve addition problems and represent the addition problem as the robot moves along the number line. Students practice following algorithms by using the 123 Robot. Students must push to wake the robot, press the buttons to code the robot, and shake the robot to erase the project. By following these step-by-step instructions, they will be successfully completing an algorithm throughout the entire Unit. 

In Lab 1, students will practice basic addition skills by moving the 123 Robot ascending a number line. This number line can be created using 123 Tiles and will help students visualize the addition problem. In Lab 2, students will continue to practice basic addition skills while using manipulatives to help them solve the problem. Solving the addition equation using the 123 Robot, students will also represent the sum using manipulatives, such as crayons. For example, students will manipulate the 123 Robot to solve 2+4=6, then count six crayons to verify the sum.

Throughout both Labs, students will gain spatial reasoning skills. Students will be able to mentally decompose an addition problem into parts and demonstrate their understanding by moving the robot to each number on the number line. Also, in Lab 2 during Active Share, students will describe and explain their process for solving an equation to their classmates and the teacher. 

In finishing the Number Line Unit, students will gain hands-on experience practicing solving addition problems using the 123 Robot, the number line, and manipulatives as tools.