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Touch to Code
Lab 2 - Code and Clean

Teacher Portal

Show Your Learning

Active Share

  • To highlight the many different ways to solve this challenge, have each group share their last projects, so others can see the different inventions, and the different sequences students created to clean their rooms. 
    • As each group shares, have them begin by telling the class how many pom poms they cleared, and showing their setup and starting position of the 123 Robot. 
    • Then, ask the class to think about what they think the first few behaviors of the 123 Robot will be. When the group starts their project, have students observe and notice if the sequence was similar or different to their own prediction. 
    • If time allows, you can have students share their predictions, and discuss the different possible sequences that could have also worked. 
  • Note how every group was working on the same messy room challenge, but they found so many different ways to solve it successfully.

Discussion Prompts

Digital Documentation

  • Take videos of students as they share their projects during the Active Share. Send these videos to your classroom community to show how the students are making sense of the concept of sequencing to solve the messy room challenge with their 123 Robots.

Student-Driven Visible Thinking

  • Take photos or notes of students’ strategies as they work to figure out the sequences of behaviors needed to clear the tile. You can hang these in your classroom to remind students of the gestures, drawings, or words they used in their groups when they are sequencing commands and behaviors in future Labs.

Metacognition-Reflecting Together

  • How did you use the symbols on the touch buttons to help you as you sequenced behaviors to solve the challenge? 
  • What would happen if you change the order in which you pressed the buttons in your project? Would the 123 Robot move in the same way?
  • What if you got a new member in your group, how would you explain how to code a sequence with your 123 Robot, so you could solve the challenge together? 
  • What is something that your group figured out during this Lab, that will help you the next time we use our 123 Robots?