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Lab 1 - What are Traits?

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Part 1 - Step by Step

  1. InstructInstruct each group to prepare their kits and Data Collection Sheet to begin the second build which will create the second bunny parent. Make sure students are following their Roles and Responsibilities for the second build.
    Bunny Traits Build: Bunny Parent 2
    Bunny Traits Build: Bunny Parent 2
  2. ModelModel how to identify a variation by pointing out the first variation trait on step 4 of the build instructions.

    Step 4, Second Variation
    Step 4, Second Variation

    Model how to continue filling out the Data Collection Sheet for students by recording a few traits in the correct column.

    Example Data Collection Sheet
    Example Data Collection Sheet


  3. FacilitateFacilitate conversations to help students connect the pieces in the builds to the traits and variations. Ask questions like:
    • How are this bunny's traits different from the first?
    • Where did you place the ears on this second build? On top of the bunny or below?
    • How are some of the VEX GO pieces different in the second build, compared to the first? Are there any pieces that are twice as long? Shorter?
  4. RemindRemind groups to use team work when completing the build. All members of the group should work together to check to make sure the correct variation is being used.

    Remind students that their second Bunny Traits build may not be fully correct the first time. Encourage multiple iterations and remind students that trial and error is a part of learning.

  5. AskAsk students to review their descriptions of the traits on the Data Collection Sheet by asking:
    • Are your descriptions clear?
    • Now that you are building the second parent, do you see a difference in your trait descriptions on the Data Collection Sheet?

    Then, facilitate a discussion by asking questions such as:

    • Did you find one of the builds more challenging than another? Why or why not?
    • Did you encounter any problems when building that you had to overcome?

Mid-Play Break & Group Discussion

As soon as every group has completed build 2 (the second parent bunny), come together for a brief conversation.

  • Now that you have built both parent bunnies, how different do they look?
  • Does having a model of the different parent bunny traits help you to visualize what traits are? Why or why not?

Part 2 - Step by Step

  1. InstructInstruct each group to prepare their kits and Data Collection Sheet to begin the third and final build. They will be creating a baby bunny, and choosing which traits it will inherit. Tell the groups to use the Build Instructions, but this time to choose which variations to use.

    Bunny Traits Build: Baby Bunny Options
    Bunny Traits Build: Baby Bunny Options


  2. ModelModel how students will keep track of their baby bunny traits by recording their trait choices on the Data Collection Sheet.

    Baby Bunny Diversity
    Baby Bunny Diversity


  3. FacilitateFacilitate the build by walking between groups to make sure the teammates are agreeing on traits and students are clear on the goals of the activity. Ask questions like:
    • How did you decide to use that trait?
    • Did you think about which parent bunny you wanted your baby bunny to look like?
    • Did you take turns selecting traits for the baby bunny, or did you choose together?
    • How do the shapes or colors of the bunny trait differ? How are they similar?
  4. RemindRemind students that it is ok if their build takes more than one try to get the traits correct. If students are having trouble with constructing the bunny, they can ask other members of the group for help or strategies that worked in previous builds during the Lab.
  5. AskAsk students how they overcame challenges in designing and building their bunnies. Ask questions such as:
    • Did you have any problems building your bunnies? How did a classmate help you?
    • How did you help a member of your group in the activities today?

Optional: Teams may deconstruct their Bunny Traits builds if needed at this point in the experience.