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Computer Science Level 1 - Python

Unit 8 - Moving Disks with Loops


In this Unit, you will learn how to use the Electromagnet on the VR Robot to pick up and drop disks to solve the Disk Mover challenge. You will apply skills learned in previous units to create a project that uses VR Robot Sensors and loops to solve the Disk Mover Challenge.

The Disk Mover Problem

In the Disk Mover Challenge, the goal is to be able to drive the VR Robot to a disk, pick it up with the Electromagnet, drive it to a new location, and drop the disk. This same behavior sequence is repeated in order to move multiple disks on the Playground. There are many ways to solve the Disk Mover problem. Using strategies and tools we have used in previous Units, as well as some new tools, we can use the VR Robot to move disks in the most efficient way possible. First, we will learn about the Electromagnet, and how to use it in a Disk Mover solution.