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Castle Crasher
Lesson 3: Castle Crasher + Distance Sensor


In this Lesson you will learn about the Distance Sensor, and how data from the Distance Sensor can be used in a project to detect objects. You will also learn about the [Wait until] block, and how that can be used in a VEXcode EXP project to have your robot make a decision. Then, you will apply your learning to detect and move Buckyballs with your BaseBot in the Sense and Sweep Challenge.

Add a Distance Sensor

In this Lesson, you learn about the Distance Sensor, and how you can code your robot using sensor feedback.

Add a Distance Sensor to your BaseBot as shown in this image.

  • Add a 1x2x1x16 C-Channel to the front of the BaseBot. 
  • Then, mount the Distance Sensor to the C-Channel as shown in the image.
  • The Distance Sensor should be plugged into Port 5.

EXP Basebot with bumper switch mounted to a C-Channel on the Front of the Robot

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