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Physical Science
Lab 2 - Super Car

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Launch the Engage Section

ACTS is what the teacher will do and ASKS is how the teacher will facilitate.

  1. Engage students in the lesson by making a connection to a personal experience.
  2. Relate their basketball experiences to making predictions based on past data.
  3. Present a pre-built Super Car to the class. Make sure that everyone knows how it works.
  4. Using masking tape or markers, have each student mark where they think the Super Car will travel. Make sure to demonstrate on a flat surface like a tabletop or floor.
  5. Ask students to explain their reasons for choosing this distance. 
  6. Wind up the car and see who “wins.”
  1. Ask students if they have ever tried to shoot a basketball into a hoop. How did they know how hard to throw the ball?
  2. For example, “The ball didn’t go far enough on the first try, so I threw it harder the next time.”
  3. Demonstrate how to turn the Orange Knob to power the car.
  4. How far do you think this Super Car will go?
  5. As they are marking spots, ask WHY they think that. Track responses on the board.
  6. Now that we’ve seen it go once, would you change your prediction if we were to do it again?

Getting the Students Ready to Build

We are going to try winding and launching the Super Car again, but this time, with your own cars.

Facilitate the Build

  1. Instruct Instruct students to join their groups, and have them complete the Robot Roles & Routines Sheet. Use the Suggested Role Responsibilities slide in the Lab Image Slideshow as a guide for students to complete this sheet.
  2. Distribute Distribute build instructions to each groups. Journalists should gather the materials on the checklist.
  3. Facilitate Facilitate building process:
    1. Builders can begin building. If there are multiple builders, they should alternate steps to complete the build.
    2. Journalists should assist with build instructions as needed and should set up the Data Collection Sheet for the Play portion.
      VEX GO Super Car
      VEX GO Super Car
  4. Offer Offer suggestions and note positive team building and problem solving strategies as teams build together.
A VEX GO character

Teacher Troubleshooting

Facilitation Strategies

  • Student “Help Desk” - if groups are having trouble with the build, they can ask other groups for support. If one group finds a trick or a helpful hint, encourage them to share it with the class.
  • Offer in-the-moment observations as teams work well, and invite them to share teamwork strategies with the class.
  • Use the Get Ready...Get VEX...GO! PDF Book and Teacher’s Guide - If students are new to VEX GO, read the PDF book and use the prompts in the Teacher’s Guide to facilitate an introduction to building and using VEX GO before beginning the Lab activities. Students can join their groups and gather their VEX GO Kits, and follow along with the building activity within the book as you read.