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Calm Down Robot
Lab 1 - Rowdy Robots

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Show Your Learning

Active Share

Have each group share their in control behavior projects. Students should share their project by showing their Coder with the Coder cards in it to the class. Then, explain what the 123 Robot is going to do, why they chose those behaviors, and how they correspond to a human behavior that demonstrates being in control. Have the group start their projects to share their project with the class. Students can demonstrate what the in control behavior looks like and sounds like by acting it out themselves as they run their projects.

Discussion Prompts

Digital Documentation

  • Take short videos or audio recordings of groups as they share their projects with you throughout the Lab. Share these videos with your classroom community to show how students are using their 123 Robots to explore calm-down strategies.

Student-Driven Visible Thinking

  • Have students document their projects by taking photos or drawing or writing down their projects.  Ask them to write the human actions that are represented in their project, so they could use the calm-down strategy themselves. Display these in your classroom for students to reference.

Metacognition-Reflecting Together

  • What are some other situations or feelings that might make us lose control? 
  • Why do you think it is important to help each other stay in control during the school day? What are some ways we could help each other if we are feeling strong emotions?
  • What was one challenge your group faced when choosing Coder cards for your project? How did you solve your problem together?