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Lesson 3: Post-Project Summary

  • When this project is run, the VR Robot continues to drive forward even when colliding with the first green disk.
    failed project
  • This project only instructs the VR Robot to check the conditions of each [If then] block once at the beginning of the project.
    Condition checked
  • The [If then] block is different from the [Wait until] block.
    • [Wait until] blocks do not require a decision to be made by the VR Robot. When the condition is TRUE, the [Wait until] block runs the next block in the stack. When the condition is FALSE, the [Wait until] block continues to wait until the condition is TRUE and stops the rest of the project from running.
      wait until project flow
    • [If then] blocks require the VR Robot to make a decision. If the condition is TRUE, then the blocks inside the [If then] C block are run. If the condition is FALSE, then the blocks inside the [If then] C block are skipped.
      Project Flow
  • The VR Robot will continue to drive forward since the last [If then] block in the stack was reported as TRUE and all other blocks were reported as FALSE at the beginning of the project.
  • Save the project before moving on to the next Lesson.


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