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Coding Fundamentals
Lab 1 - Robot Brain

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Show Your Learning

Active Share

Have students share their projects with the class by showing their Coder. Remind students to keep their Coder upright to avoid any Coder cards falling out of the Coder.

As groups share their projects, prompt students to identify how the symbols on the Coder cards relate to the behaviors of the 123 Robot, by asking questions like: 

  • What action did they want their 123 Robot to do?
  • What Coder cards did you use? Why?
  • How did the symbols on the Coder cards tell you what they would make the 123 Robot do?
  • Did your 123 Robot do the action you wanted on the first try? If not, how did you fix it?

Discussion Prompts

Digital Documentation

  • Record audio or video of students explaining which Coder cards they used and why to show their use and understanding of symbolic language.

Student-Driven Visible Thinking

  • Take photos of the students' Coder to save their projects, and add them to your 123 Learning Center or bulletin board. Reference these plans in future Labs, or if students aren't sure where to get started with creating a project.

Metacognition-Reflecting Together

  • Did the 123 Robot do the action that you wanted?
  • How did you decide which Coder cards you needed?
  • Did you have to fix anything in your project? How did your group work together to fix it?