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Goals and Standards


Students will apply

  • How to create original programming projects using the 123 Robot, the Coder and coding cards.

Students will make meaning of

  • How symbols represent actions or behaviors in programming languages. For example, how the arrow symbol on the 123 Robot and the number 1 on the Coder represent one movement of the robot.

Students will be skilled at

  • Identifying behaviors using symbols on the Coder cards.
  • Inserting Coder cards into the Coder to program behaviors for the 123 Robot.
  • How to create original projects using Coder cards and the 123 Robot.

Students will know

  • One Coder card represents one behavior for the 123 Robot.
  • How symbols on the Coder cards represent a behavior for the 123 Robot.
  • How to create a project using Coder cards and the 123 Robot.



  1. Students will convey how symbols can be used to represent behaviors on the Coder cards for their 123 Robot.
  2. Students will create original projects using various Coder cards to program the 123 Robot to dance.


  1. In Engage, students will discuss their predictions about the behaviors of the 123 Robot by analyzing the symbols that represent commands on the Coder cards.
  2. Students will explore how symbols translate to robot behaviors by building and running a robot dance project with the teacher in Play Part 1. In Play Part 2, students will work in small groups and create their own 123 Robot dance using a prescribed set of Coder cards.


  1. Students will explain how they used the Coder cards to program behaviors for their 123 Robot in the Mid-Play Break.
  2. By the end of Play Part 2, students will create a project that uses all Coder cards provided by the teacher, and will run as intended with a dance being performed by the 123 Robot.

Connections to Standards