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A detailed list of steps to solve a problem or complete a task. Algorithms instruct our 123 Robot to perform a task.
The order in which commands are executed one after the other. The order of the Coder cards (instructions) is the order in which the 123 Robot will perform the actions.
Actions performed by a robot, defined by the programming language. 
Programming language
A set of rules in which symbols represent actions.
An image or sign that represents something. The symbols on the Coder cards represent a behavior for the 123 Robot.
Instructions used to create behaviors that are executed by the robot.
Breaking down a complex problem into smaller parts that are more manageable and easier to understand.

Encouraging Vocabulary Usage

General notes on encouraging vocabulary usage with young children:

  • The goal is to introduce Computer Science (CS) vocabulary to young children as they explore computer science ideas with concrete objects, not to make them memorize vocabulary.
  • Teach Computer Science vocabulary as naturally as you would introduce the names of different foods, animals, or toys.
  • The more children hear Computer Science and Spatial Language words used with activities, the more they will begin to use them correctly. Reinforce vocabulary with everyday things. Whether setting the table, lining up for recess, displaying collections on the science table, or cleaning up the classroom, there will be opportunities to reinforce Computer Science and Spatial Language words to your students.
A VEX 123 character

Tips for Encouraging Vocabulary Usage