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Lesson 2: Drive to the Letter ‘A’

Drive to the Letter ‘A’

Now that you have created and tested a project that has the VR Robot stop once the Distance Sensor detects a wall, you will build a project that navigates the VR Robot to the letter ‘A’ on the Wall Maze Playground.

How to get to A

  • To drive to the letter ‘A’, the VR Robot will need to detect two walls, and turn left when these walls are detected. Then, the VR Robot will stop when it detects the third wall, located behind the letter ‘A.’
    How to get to A
  • Begin by modifying the previous project or create a new project to match this base project. Note that the [Turn for] block is needed because once the Distance Sensor is within 50 millimeters (mm) of a wall, the VR Robot will turn left to continue toward the letter ‘A.’
    Project for the robot to drive forward until an object is less than 50mm away, then turn left.
  • Add another [Drive], and [Wait until] block with the  <Less than> block set to 50 millimeters (mm), and the (Distance from) inside the <Less than> block.Project with added drive block and wait until block.

    For Your Information

    Use the Duplicate tool for sections of code that repeat in a project. This allows you to save time. For more information on how to duplicate blocks, view the Context Menu - VR Blocks article.

  • Finally, add the following blocks to instruct the VR Robot to detect the final wall behind the letter ‘A’ then stop driving.
    Project with additional drive forward and wait until blocks.
  • Launch the Wall Maze Playground if it is not already open and run the project.
  • Watch the VR Robot drive from the start of the Wall Maze to the letter ‘A,’ and then stop.
    Move to A
  • Notice that the VR Robot does not bump into any walls as it drives to the letter ‘A.’ When the Distance Sensor value reports that the VR Robot is less than 50 millimeters (mm) from the wall, the VR Robot is instructed to turn or stop in the project.

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