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Lesson 3: Turn Left to Reach the Letter ‘B.’

For Your Information

A VEXcode VR project can be stopped while running. Once stopped, the values in the Dashboard will display the sensor values from the VR Robot at the time it was stopped. This can be used to observe sensor values as well as visualize the distance between the VR Robot and an object at a certain point in time.

VR Stop
  • Stop the project when the VR Robot reaches the error point to see what new value should be set in the <Less than> block.
    Distance in Dashboard
  • The value of this [Wait until] block will need to change for the VR Robot to successfully drive to the letter ‘B.’
    Project with the fourth wait until block highlighted.

    For Your Information

    The values reported by the Distance Sensor can also be monitored in the Monitor Console. Monitoring sensor values in the Monitor Console allows the user to view real-time reports of a specific value (or multiple values) in a project. Access the Monitor Window by selecting the Monitor icon next to the Help.

    Ope Monitor Console

    In this project, the Monitor Console can be used to view the values being reported by the (Distance from) block to help determine when the VR Robot needs to turn to successfully drive through the Wall Maze Playground.

    Blocks from the Sensing category in the Tool Box can be added to the Monitor Console by selecting and dragging the block to the Monitor Console icon in the Workspace. To remove sensor values from the Monitor Console, select the 'X' icon.

  • Changing the <Less than> block parameter to 300 will instruct the VR Robot to turn left once the Distance Sensor reports that the VR Robot is less than 300 millimeters (mm) away from the next wall.
    Project with the parameter in the block changed to 300mm.
  • Launch the Wall Maze Playground if it is not already open and run the project again.
    Ends on B!
  • The VR Robot now drives from the start of the Wall Maze Playground and stops on the letter ‘B.’
  • Notice that changing the <Less than> block parameter to 300 millimeters allowed the VR Robot to turn at a distance farther from the wall, which was necessary to turn at the correct location.
  • The distance value reported in the Dashboard was used to observe how far the VR Robot was from a wall when it needed to turn to get to the letter ‘B.’
    Distance in Dashboard

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