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Ocean Emergency
Lab 1 - Plan and Build

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Launch the Engage Section

ACTS is what the teacher will do and ASKS is how the teacher will facilitate.

  1. Stand at the front of the classroom to present the pollution problem to the students. Show the Pollution in the Ocean image (Slide 2 in the Image Slideshow.)
  2. Introduce the vocabulary word: pollution.
  3. Show the Great Pacific Garbage Patch photo (Slide 3 in the Image Slideshow.) Using the board or other presentation tool, write down the students’ suggestions for solving this problem.
  4. Pass out the Engineering Design Process sheets to the students.
  1. Ask students to raise their hands if they have ever seen a piece of trash on the side of the road. What do they think happens to that bottle or bag?
  2. Does anyone know what pollution is? (Have students do their best to explain before presenting the class definition.) Pollution is something introduced to our environment that is harmful, dirty, or unclean.
  3. What can we do to help clean up pollution in the ocean?
  4. Explain the Engineering Design Process and how they can use it to help design their solutions.

Getting the Students Ready to Build

Now that we know what the problem is, we can start to work on our solution! We will need a Code Base robot and an extension arm to gather up all this trash.

Facilitate the Build

  1. InstructInstruct students to join their team, and have them complete the Robotics Roles & Routines sheet. Use the Suggested Role Responsibilities slide in the Lab Image Slideshow as a guide for students to complete this sheet.
  2. DistributeDistribute VEX GO Kit and a set of Code Base build instructions to each team.

    Code Base robot
    Code Base robot


  3. FacilitateFacilitate building process.
    1. Builders can begin building the Code Base robot.

    2. Journalists should gather the needed materials.

  4. OfferOffer suggestions and note positive team building and problem solving strategies as teams build together.
A VEX GO character

Teacher Troubleshooting

Facilitation Strategies

Students may be tempted to work on two builds at once (the Code Base and the extension). Have each group raise their hands to show you their finished Code Base before allowing them to begin working on their designs for the extension.